Creative First Date Ideas on Campus

Being a college student usually entails several things, you get an education in a subject for your future, and you have little money. However, this does not mean you should stop living. You also shouldn't give up dating simply because you don't think you can afford it.
Imagine you’ve met a nice person in college or started chatting with an interesting girl or boy after reading an ashleymadison review. What should you do next if you have a lack of money? Relax, dating can be simple, fun, smart, and very romantic. They can be stylish, sophisticated, and whatever else you want it to be at a low cost. Read on to find out about ideas of available dates for college students.

1. Coffee Date

There are so many cafes on campus, so we suggest a coffee date as a break from your studies and assignments. This type of date works well with busy schedules and tedious tasks as it's easy to do at the last minute, which is useful when you want to take a break because you can't even think about studying anymore.

2. Movie marathon

It's a classic date and needs to be done. Either use Netflix or stock up on movies from your collection. Spend the day eating junk food and watching a whole bunch of movies together. This type of date is perfect for college students, especially after intermediate semesters or final exams, because when they're done, all you want to do is to hug and relax.

3. College activities

Going to sports competitions at your college, having fun rallies, parties, trades, concerts, talent shows, or any other event is not only free or very cheap, but it is also a great dating idea for students. This means you can not only enjoy a great date but also see friends and show your college spirit without traveling far.

4. Stargazing

This date is not only free, but it is also very romantic. For this date idea, all you have to do is find a nice place, bring some blankets and watch the beautiful sky and all the stars.

5. Cook together

This dating idea allows you to enjoy each other's company at the same time while you cook tasty meals together. This idea will save money, and you will also create memories and delicious food together. After you're done cooking, you can sit down and eat while watching a movie and enjoying burgers with fries. Or, depending on what you've cooked, you can sit down for a candlelit dinner with both of you dressing up while you're eating chicken, steak, or pasta.

6. Picnics

This is the perfect date idea for college students. All you have to do is pack a basket full of your favorite foods and bring a blanket. You can even do it on campus between classes.

7. Homework dates

This may sound silly or boring, but it can be quite fun. Getting the homework done is usually tedious and time-consuming. However, your private life shouldn't suffer, make an appointment when you are sitting together, studying, or doing assignments.
This way, you can not only take breaks but also help and support each other during your studies. Besides, you can also hold hands while you work, as long as it doesn't interfere with what you are doing.
Of course, your dating ideas can be different, and only a few of them may work for you and your partner. If you don't know which date to pick, write them all down, put them in the jar, and then pull them out when you can't come up with any ideas.