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Essay about social work

My life motto is be the difference. With aspirations to assist marginalized communities, I have already proven to be a change agent through my direct practice involvement with disenfranchised and vulnerable populations making me a qualified candidate for a SSW scholarship. In addition to my contribution to the social work field and pay-it-forward mentality, I would like to be considered for a scholarship on the basis of my academic achievement.

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Our own - essay

Does it ever come to mind that the traits given aren't our own? John Lubbock writes, "Your character will be what you yourself choose to make it." While admittedly morals can shape how someone goes about their choices; nature vs nurture sets one's moral. Lubbock's statement is false traits are a result of both nature and nurture.Does it ever come to mind that the traits given aren't our own?

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Benefits Behind the Book

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."" Richard Steele, a famous writer's quote on the importance of reading. Due to our world being overcome by technology, reading has become something that we push aside when without a doubt it should be something we do quite frequently. Reading helps develop a person's mind by promoting a number of benefits.

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